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How are your services contracted?

You can contract with FAA Consulting in a variety of ways.  For brief (less than 40 hours) engagements, a simple Purchase Order is all that's needed.  Longer term engagements generally involve a Statement of Work (SOW) and  a formal proposal.  We can work with you to advise on our services and to generate an appropriate SOW.

Do you work internationally?

Yes, FAA Consulting works around the world.  Since starting this business in 2000, FAA Consulting has preformed extensive work in Asia, Europe, and South America.

What are the primary design assurance and safety standards supported?

These include:

ARP 4754A, ARP 4761, DO-178B, DO-178C, DO-200B, DO-254, DO-297, DO-330, DO-331, DO-332, DO-333, and ISO 26262.