Our Approach

While safety is an overarching concern in aviation, it has always been our view that efficient engineering design can result in the required level of safety in a cost-effective manner.  The idea of balancing safety with good engineering sense keeps us and our clients focused on what's truly important to ensure the safety of the flying public.

Our Story

FAA Consulting started to address a need for cost-effective approaches to gaining software approval for avionics.  Since that beginning, we have expanded to work on both software and airborne electronic hardware (AEH) that touches the National Airspace (NAS) in some way.  Tom Ferrell, co-founder and principal, has almost three decades of detailed engineering experience to bring to bear on your effort.  Tom came to this business from Boeing with short stints at Iridium and SAIC in between.  Tom has also served on various industry committees, most notably in a leadership role for RTCA SC-205 that created DO-178C, DO-278A, DO-330, DO-331, DO-332, and DO-333.  Tom was one of the technical editors for CRC Press' Digital Avionics Handbook, 3rd Edition.

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