Ferrell and Associates Consulting, Inc.

TSO Consulting

FAA Consulting is well versed in helping companies navigate the FAA technical standard order (TSO) system.  We can help you accomplish the following:

  • Determining the applicable TSOs for your proposed equipment
  • Developing an appropriate approach for non-TSO functionality
  • Identifying the required development assurance for both software and complex electronic hardware (CEH)
  • Reviewing compliance data to identify issues that may delay or derail your TSO application
  • Serving as an advocate for you in negotiations with the regulatory authority including:
    • alternate means of compliance (AMOC)
    • equivalent level of safety (ELOS) determinations
    • overall certification basis where multiple TSOs are involved
    • Developing approaches for addressing differences between FAA TSOs and EASA eTSOs for your proposed equipment

Note:  TSOs are a form of self-certification and do not require a DER.  Consulting services offered on this page are intended to facilitate your development of a fully compliant and complete data package to expedite FAA review and approval.