Ferrell and Associates Consulting, Inc.

In-Person Training

Ferrell and Associates Consulting, Inc. offer a wide range of training courses for the aviation and safety-critical industries.  Our courses generally consist of classroom lecture, interactive discussions and exercises including multi-media presentations as appropriate.  The courses are designed to address not only the theory behind a particular topic, but the real-world issues being faced daily by practitioners in the field.  The courses address practical and cost-effective management of tasks balancing safety with business sense.  The courses draw on the extensive experience of the instructors as well as current events.  Course participants receive a copy of all presentation materials along with a reference CD.

We offer both public courses and courses at your facility.  Public courses, given approximately once a quarter, offer a cost-effective way of training a small number of personnel in core certification topics.  Check the Current Happenings page for the next offering.

The onsite option, generally the most cost-effective for five or more participants, offers some additional benefits.  First, the entire project team inclusive of project management, engineering, quality, and configuration management can attend.  This helps ensure everyone has a common understanding of the topic.  It also allows for impromptu consulting on your specific project or limited tailoring to ensure the topics most important to your development are addressed in detail.

Note:  Unlike other training providers, our courses are not setup to be loss leaders intended to sell consulting work, tools, or templates.  They are all about giving you the tools you need to succeed with or without third-party assistance.

The following is a brief listing of classes available today from Ferrell and Associates Consulting, Inc.

  • DO-178B and DO-178C: A Practical Interpretation
  • DO-178B and DO-178C: A Management Seminar
  • Understanding DO-178C and the New Technical Supplements
  • Understanding your SW Approval Responsibilities: FAA Order 8110.49 (chg 1), EASA Certification memos and more
  • ARP 4754A, FAR xx.1309, and System Safety
  • Software Verification for Aviation Systems        
  • Aviation Software: Quality Assurance and Configuration Management
  • DO-200A: Aeronautical Data Processing           
  • DO-254: Complex Electronic Hardware 
  • DO-278: CNS/ATM Systems Software Integrity Assurance    
  • Supplier Management for Aviation Software Development   
  • Systems and Equipment Certification
  • STCs and TSOs: A Roadmap to FAA Regulations      
  • Electronic Flight Bag: The Rules for a New Class of Devices
  • Engineering Ethics