Ferrell and Associates Consulting, Inc.

Certification Consulting

Ferrell and Associates Consulting, Inc. offers an extensive list of aviation consulting services related to design assurance and certification or approval planning.  These include:

  • Development of detailed road maps to achieve certification
  • Support in developing appropriate and complete certification planning documents building on your existing command media
  • Accomplishing liaison work between you and the regulatory authority – we understand what they are looking for and how data needs to be presented for efficient review and approval
  • Assessment of existing process infrastructure for the purpose of identifying and closing gaps to meet regulatory requirements
  • Advice and engineering support for the evaluation phase of COTS products including development of alternative methods for satisfying regulatory requirements
  • System and software/complex hardware architectural evaluation to ensure designs are verifiable and certifiable to the appropriate rules and regulations
  • Evaluation of supplier estimates, processes, and progress toward completing development efforts in accordance with appropriate standards and regulations
  • Evaluation of infrastructure integrity including configuration management procedures, long-term archival strategies, disaster recovery planning and quality systems
  • Due diligence audits and reviews associated with investment and acquisition opportunities as well as hiring and managing suppliers world-wide
  • Authoring or review of technical Statements of Work (SOW) and contractual language for safety-related development proposal by sub-tier suppliers
  • Review and approval per DO-178B  and DO-254 (DER/AR Services)
  • Project management expertise to guide/recover projects falling short of airframer or regulatory certification requirements