Ferrell and Associates Consulting, Inc.

About Us

Ferrell and Associates Consulting, Inc. also known as FAA Consulting, Inc. is an engineering consulting firm based in Charlottesville, Virginia.  It was founded in January of 2000 by Tom and Uma Ferrell to provide design assurance and software safety expertise to the aerospace industry.  Since its founding, FAA Consulting has accomplished detailed engineering efforts for a variety of leading aerospace companies, as well as various government agencies including NASA, the FAA, and DoD.  This work has included various design assurance-related research efforts ranging from the correct formulation of product service history arguments to the use of wireless devices onboard aircraft. They have written for CRC Press, Wiley, and a host of industry conferences including the Digital Avionics Systems Conference and the System Safety Society Conference.  Since founding the company in 2000, FAA Consulting has worked on a wide range of airborne and ground-based systems including  the Cessna Sovereign, the Boeing 787, DoD’s GPSIII, the Lockheed Martin ISIS airship program, and the presidential helicopter.  FAA Consulting has also been very active in various industry fora including the RTCA committees responsible for DO-178B, DO-278, DO-178C, DO-278A, DO-330, DO-331, DO-332, and DO-333.

Starting in early 2017, FAA Consulting has been working to bring aerospace-level design assurance to bear on a number of automotive-related efforts requiring compliance to ISO 26262.  There is considerable synergy between this standard and the design assurance triangle of ARP 4754A, DO-178C, and DO-254.  With this new area of work, FAA Consulting is helping to bring aerospace levels of design assurance to the automotive domain in support of advanced automotive safety.

Tom Ferrell holds advanced degrees in Management and History with an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering.  Prior to joining FAA Consulting, Tom held management positions with Iridium LLC and the Boeing Company.  At Iridium, Tom was responsible for avionics development for the Iridium system.  His positions at Boeing included time as a Software Quality Manager for Boeing Commercial Airplanes as well as a Lead Engineer in Avionics Systems.  Tom is an FAA DER with both software (DO-178x) and airborne electronic hardware (DO-254) delegations up to and including level A approval authority for parts 23, 25, 27, 29, and 33 (electrical and mechanical areas).  Tom is an accomplished public speaker and his course delivery is consistently ranked as some of the best in the industry on various design assurance topics.  Tom travels extensively and is well versed in supporting certification work around the world.

As of April 2017, Uma is no longer with the consultancy.