Aviation Consulting

Our experience across the entire spectrum of aviation allows us to hit the ground running.  We help you identify your critical needs, plot an efficient course, and obtain the necessary regulatory approvals to speed your time to market.

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Professional Training

We provide 'best in class' technical training for topics ranging from DO-178C compliance to Engineering Ethics.  Our training is competitively priced, laser focused on actionable take-aways, and always current.

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Compliance Oversight

We have the FAA delegations you need for systems, software, and hardware to satisfy PMA, TSO, TC, and STC requirements.  Whether working as a DER, CVE, or an AR as an extension of your ODA, we get the job done, always with a pragmatic focus on what's important for safety and compliance.

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Experience Matters

FAA Consulting has been in business since January of 2000.  In that time, we have worked from the nose to tail of some of the world's premier aircraft.  Whether working the brake actuators of the 787 or the payload firmware for the next generation of GPS satellites, we bring the same detail-oriented, sound engineering, and practical approach to safety consulting and oversight.

In addition to our airborne work, we also support the world's leading airspace infrastructure companies building critical ground and space-based systems enabling major modernization initiatives such as NextGen.  As part of this, we also work with aeronautical data standards to assure complete and accurate aeronautical data chains.

We have experience working on every class of aircraft from the heavy iron to light sport, small to heavy-lift rotorcraft, prop to turbofan engines, and even airships.  If it flies without feathers, we can help.


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