Ferrell and Associates Consulting, Inc. (aka FAA Consulting) is dedicated to helping our clients successfully and cost-effectively certify their aviation equipment, be it airborne, ground-based, or space-based.  With over forty years of combined experience working with the FAA, EASA, and the DoD airworthiness authorities, we know how to take software and electronic hardware from concept to market.

We work with each client to determine the best approach for meeting stringent design assurance requirements demanded by industry and government guidelines and standards including SAE 4754A, RTCA DO-178 RTCA DO-254, MIL-HNBK-516B, and IEEE 12207.  Our company was founded on the basic tenet of balancing safety with business sense.  Design assurance, while never free, can be accomplished cost-effectively through careful planning and self-documenting processes.

Whether you just need a DER to review and approve data or you need a certification partner who will provide coaching throughout the process, we can help.  We can help with COTS evaluation, change impact, TSOA applications, tool evaluation, supplier selection and management, and overall project management.  We are also very experienced with helping get novel technologies and processes through the certification gauntlet.

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You may also call us at (434) 295-9777.  Let us help you succeed!

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